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Maurice Richard Trophy

Every year, the NHL awards the Maurice Richard Trophy to the player with the most goals in hockey for the regular season. The trophy, introduced after the 1998-99 season, is one of the newer awards in the league. The award is named in honor of league legend Maurice “Rocket” Richard, who among many other accomplishments, was the first NHL player to score 50 goals in a single season. Whereas the Art Ross Trophy is awarded for the NHL scoring leaders by year (that is, goals plus assists), the Maurice Richard Trophy is based on most goals scored in the NHL, period. With no tie-breakers, the Richard Trophy can have multiple winners in a season, which has happened on two occasions.

Maurice Richard Trophy — History

Maurice “Rocket” Richard was born in Montreal in 1921. He played 18 seasons, all for the Montreal Canadiens. He was a First Team All-Star eight times, Second Team All-Star six times, and a Hart Trophy winner in 1946-47. One of the most popular NHL players of all time, Richard skated like a rocket and played with one thing on his mind: scoring goals. And that he did. In addition to being the first NHL player to record 50 regular-season goals, he led the league in regular-season goals five times, and led the league in all-time goals when he retired (with 544). Opposing players tried anything and everything to slow him down, from slashing to intimidation — but without much success. Richard passed away in 2000.

Maurice Richard Trophy — Trivia

  • Richard scored his 50 single-season goals in 50 games in 1944-45.
  • Bernie “Boom Boom” Geoffrion was the second player to score 50 goals in a season, which he did in 1960-61 — 16 years later.
  • Richard’s record of 50 goals in 50 games was unmatched until 1981, when Mike Bossy did it.
  • Bobby Hull scored 54 goals in 1965-66, but in a 70-game season.
  • To date, only three players besides Richard and Bossy have scored 50 goals in their first 50 regular-season games. The others are Wayne Gretzky (three times), Mario Lemieux, and Brett Hull (twice).
  • Richard retired in 1960. When asked how he would replace Richard, Canadiens coach Toe Blake said, “With two men.”
  • In 2003-04, there was a three-way tie for the most goals scored in the NHL, and three Richard Trophy winners: Rick Nash, Ilya Kovalchuk and Jarome Igninla. They each scored 41 goals.
  • In 2009-10, there was a two-way tie between Sidney Crosby and Steven Stamkos. Each recorded 51 goals.
  • Alexander Ovechkin has won the Maurice Richard Trophy an amazing seven times. Nobody else has won it more than twice.
  • Two-time Maurice Richard Trophy winners: Pavel Bure, Jarome Iginla, Steven Stamkos, Sidney Crosby.

Maurice Richard Trophy — Complete List of Winners

  • 2018: Alex Ovechkin, Washington Capitals: 49 goals
  • 2017: Sidney Crosby, Pittsburgh Penguins: 44 goals
  • 2016: Alex Ovechkin, Washington Capitals: 50 goals
  • 2015: Alex Ovechkin, Washington Capitals: 53 goals
  • 2014: Alex Ovechkin, Washington Capitals: 51 goals
  • 2013: Alex Ovechkin, Washington Capitals: 32 goals
  • 2012: Steven Stamkos, Tampa Bay Lightning: 60 goals
  • 2011: Corey Perry, Anaheim Ducks: 50 goals
  • 2010: Sidney Crosby, Pittsburgh Penguins: 51 goals
  • 2010: Steven Stamkos, Tampa Bay Lightning 51 goals
  • 2009: Alex Ovechkin, Washington Capitals: 56 goals
  • 2008: Alex Ovechkin, Washington Capitals: 65 goals
  • 2007: Vincent Lecavalier, Tampa Bay Lightning: 52 goals
  • 2006: Jonathan Cheechoo, San Jose Sharks: 56 goals
  • 2004: Rick Nash, Columbus: Blue Jackets: 41 goals
  • 2004: Ilya Kovalchuk, Atlanta Thrashers: 41 goals
  • 2004: Jarome Iginla, Calgary Flames: 41 goals
  • 2003: Milan Hejduk, Colorado Avalanche: 50 goals
  • 2002: Jarome Iginla, Calgary Flames: 52 goals
  • 2001: Pavel Bure, Florida Panthers: 59 goals
  • 2000: Pavel Bure, Florida Panthers: 58 goals
  • 1999: Teemu Selanne, Mighty Ducks of Anaheim: 47 goals