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Pro Stock vs. Retail

Pro Stock vs. Retail

Is there a difference between the actual sticks used by the NHL pros and the sticks purchased at retail pro shops?  ABSOLUTELY!


See below to contrast two pro stock sticks with their player-branded retail comparables.

Marian Hossa, #81, Chicago Blackhawks, CCM Tacks


Compare the nameplate on Hossa’s actual stick to the retail version. “Hoss 81” is what he personally chooses to have on his sticks. 


All pro stock sticks are marked with a disclaimer like the one shown above...but don't worry!

When you shop at Pro Stock Hockey we offer a 30 day warranty on all of our pro stock sticks!



It's easy to see the difference in curve.



Likewise, the differences in blade length and material are clear.


Jonathan Toews, #19, Chicago Blackhawks, Bauer Nexus



The nameplate and graphics are noticeably different in this Jonathan Toews Bauer Nexus example.



The differences in material and shape of the blade are clear here, too.


So, the next time you are looking for a new premium level hockey stick, ask yourself:

“Do I want to spend more money to have a stick that looks like the ones used in the NHL, or spend less and have the ones used in the NHL?”

  We'll just leave this here: SHOP PSH NOW!