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Personalized Hockey Sticks & Gloves

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If you think personalized hockey gear is just for the pros … think again! At, we’re bringing personalization to the people with glove and hockey stick personalization options!

With specialized printing machines and tools, we can permanently add your name to hockey sticks and gloves. When you add your product to the cart, make sure you select the personalization option and provide your name and number (first name, last name or even nickname) in the given field.

Hockey Stick Personalization

If you’ve ever seen a pro stock stick, you’ve probably noticed the customized nameplate with the player’s name and number. These not only help players identify their sticks, but hockey stick name labels also bring a feeling of style and professionalism to your gear. Here at, we believe that all hockey players, regardless of their age or skill level, deserve the same opportunities. Check out the process below to see how we create personalized hockey sticks!

Hockey Glove Personalization

Even pro stock gloves come custom-made with the same care and personalized features. With your name and number printed at the top of each cuff, personalized hockey gloves truly make you feel like a pro. We are proud to provide this exclusive service to our valued customers.