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Free Tape with Every Stick Purchase!

It doesn’t matter who you play for, how long you’ve been playing or where you’ve played – every hockey player uses hockey tape. With tape often priced at $4 per roll, the costs can add up quickly throughout the season…especially when the guy sitting next to you “borrows” tape before every game.

Stop the madness!

At Pro Stock Hockey, you receive 3 free rolls of tape with each stick purchase, every time.

Ordering 3 sticks? That’s 9 rolls! Clearance sticks? You bet! Goalie sticks? Of course!

Pro Stock Hockey tape is made by Renfrew – the same tape used in NHL locker rooms throughout North America. You can choose between clear, black, white, or an assortment of the 3 depending on your preferences and/or needs.

Quit wasting $4 per roll at your local pro shop - shop with Pro Stock Hockey and never buy tape again!

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