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Goalie E-Book

Posted by AJ Lee on

There’s a crowd in the crease, just inches away. You feel pulsating pressure, the harsh heat mounting despite the expanse of ice all around. Suddenly, a puck rockets through the tangle of bodies in front of you. Its target: the back of the net. You slow it down in your mind. Freeze it. Throw your glove up. Squeeze it. And then you get ready to do it all over again.

Only those who have worn a goalie’s mask and pads and anchored themselves between the pipes of a hockey net can relate to all of the intricacies and nuances that come with being a goaltender. It is with these experiences in mind that we have assembled this hockey goalie e-book.

Among the following pages, you will find tips, advice, philosophies, personal stories, history lessons and more — all shared by some of the sharpest goaltending minds in the game. This collection is designed to help you enhance your game; to educate, inform and entertain you until it’s time to take the ice again and make your next save.

A Treasure Trove of Tips and Insight

We reached out to some of hockey’s top authorities on goaltending: current and former professional players, renowned NHL and college coaches, instructors from goaltending schools, and even a certified exercise physiologist whose nickname is “the goalie whisperer.”

Nearly two dozen have contributed to this collection, providing wisdom on everything from advanced goaltending techniques (such as how to defend against wraparounds) to tips for beginners from an Olympics medal winner. Here’s just some of what you’ll find in this e-book:

  • An essay on the history and evolution of the butterfly style of goaltending, and tips for perfecting it.
  • A deep dive into visual focus by a longtime NHL goaltending coach who has been called “one of the top 10 geniuses in hockey.”
  • The five traits of great goaltending coaches, as listed by a coach who mentored at least seven goalies who reached the NHL.
  • The aforementioned “goalie whisperer” runs down the five definitive exercises that every hockey goalie should incorporate into his or her training routine.
  • Tips on game management from a former Boston Bruins and Team USA goaltending coach.
  • An ex-Tampa Bay Lightning goaltender writes about staying healthy.
  • The owner of a goalie school, a professional goaltender who once took part in training camp with the Blackhawks, recounts experiences that taught him a goalie’s mindset is more important than his or her skills set, and that failure can be used as motivation.
  • The founder of Goalrobber Hockey Schools shares “Principles for the Elite Goaltender,” including that mental strength is the most crucial attribute.

We’ll also introduce you to each contributor with a brief biography, and provide links to their websites and social media pages so you can continue to benefit from these experts’ goaltending experiences. We hope you use this hockey goalie e-book as a resource to make your next great save.

Download the complete goalie e-book for free here.

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