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Pro Stock Insight: Jimmy Vesey

Posted by AJ Lee on

Hockey equipment has changed dramatically over the last several years. Technology has helped make equipment stronger and more durable, yet somehow lighter and more comfortable. While the “average Joe” isn’t able to get equipment tailored and customized to meet specific preferences, those lucky enough to make it to the NHL are given the opportunity to do just that.

More than halfway into his rookie season with the New York Rangers, Jimmy Vesey - a Pro Stock Hockey Brand Ambassador - has settled into his new gear and developed a couple of unique preferences. At first glance, his gear might appear to be fairly standard … but let’s take a closer look.

Vesey currently is using a Warrior Covert QRL that has been dressed as a Dynasty HD1.


It’s not just any old HD1 graphic though — Vesey has a custom New York Rangers-themed HD1 graphic with a dark blue shaft (replacing the regular black finish).

He uses a fairly standard 95 flex, considering his height (6'3") and weight (207 lbs), and prefers his stick to be roughly even with his nose (not on skates).

While his toe curve isn’t quite among the biggest we’ve come across, the open face does allow him to elevate the puck quickly while in close on opposing goaltenders - something he's been able to do several times thus far in his rookie season with New York.

Watch as Vesey is able to elevate the puck up and over the pad of the outstretched Nashville goaltender for his first career NHL shootout goal:

Now surely you noticed the hands on display during that shootout goal, but let’s take a closer look at those gloves he’s using.

Vesey is currently using 14” Warrior Dynasty AX1 gloves. While he chose to keep a standard cuff, there are several features that you won’t find included in your typical retail AX1 glove. He opted for a black “SmartPalm” palm that feels sturdy, almost leatherlike, but is thin enough to allow him to get a good feel for his stick.

This type of palm also includes several strips of embedded rubber — conveniently located right where the knob of the stick rests in his palm — that helps reduce wear and provides some extra grip for his top hand. The mesh finger gussets make the glove more breathable and help keep his hands sweat-free throughout the game.

Vesey also has a shot blocker added to the outer portion of his gloves, but that seems to be fairly standard among Rangers players.

Sticking with the Warrior theme, Vesey opted to go with the Covert QRL Pro model. The Covert QRL Pro pants are a lighter and more comfortable option in comparison with the older Warrior Franchise and Hustler lines. While some taller NHLers opt for a length adjustment, Vesey felt that the standard fit was comfortable enough to remain unchanged.

Players will often make adjustments to their gear throughout their NHL careers. This might be triggered by an injury, scoring slump or simply the release of a new model. We’ll keep an eye on Vesey as his career and his gear progress over the next several years.

Stay tuned for more pro stock equipment insight coming soon!

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