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Sparx: The Pros Are Using It & You Can Too

Posted by AJ Lee on

You don’t have to look much further than Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to see that Sparx Hockey has edged its way into hockey at pretty much every level. 

We first connected with the folks at Sparx online, but recently met them in person at the SPHEM (Society of Professional Hockey Equipment Managers) conference in Phoenix, AZ.

While skate sharpening equipment is not typically something we think of as a consumer product, that is exactly what this product was designed to be and with over 4,000 sharpeners sold since launching, they’ve found their way into more than half of the NHL’s equipment rooms. 

What is it and how is it different? 

Most avid hockey players are familiar with home skate sharpeners like Wissota, Blademaster, and Blackstone; portable versions of the machines found in pro shops and locker rooms across North America and the rest of the hockey-playing world. Like those larger sharpeners, these table-top versions require extensive knowledge about skate sharpening as well has a unique “touch” that allow the operator to create the perfect combination of sharp and even edges, and a smooth surface finish. In short, without prior experience, you can’t expect to buy a sharpener like that, bring it home, plug it in and immediately sharpen your game skates. It’s going to take some time and patience to develop that skill. 

For lots of folks, that skill is a thing of pride. For others; those who might want the convenience of sharpening at home, but can’t or do not want to acquire a new skill, Sparx Hockey might interest you; they’ve automated the process and made it possible for parents, coaches, and players to sharpen at home and on-demand. 

Here is how it works:

View on Vimeo Learn more about Sparx Hockey

As it turns out, this tool has also found a home in many NHL equipment rooms. The Florida Panthers, the Boston Bruins, and the Anaheim Ducks are just a few of the 17 teams that used the technology last season with more expected to implement it in the fall. Here, the Boston Bruins’ Keith Robinson discusses how he uses the sharpener: 

Teddy Richards of the Florida Panthers is also a fan. While this entire interview is interesting, it’s not until the tail end of this interview that he discusses why he was intrigued when he first saw Sparx in 2016:

So, while we often see innovations in sticks and the equipment you all wear, we’re now beginning to see innovation in other areas, too, and it seems like even the pros are benefitting from it. 

For great information and tips about skate sharpening, check out the Sparx Blog.

For more information on the sharpener, visit

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