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Best Hockey Sticks: 2016-17 Season

Posted by AJ Lee on

Let’s just get this out of the way first:

The rankings in our list below are determined by their usage among active players in the NHL through the end of the 2016-17 regular season. This is not based off of any sales figures or personal opinions.

Let's get to it.

#10. Easton Synergy GX – 16 active NHL players

Performance Sports Group, owner of Bauer Hockey, purchased Easton Hockey at the beginning of 2016. This transaction shook the hockey world and left several NHL players feeling like they should start transitioning to a new stick brand. The Synergy GX is designed for accurate shooting — it’s mid-kick point and responsive blade allows players to get a good feel for the puck, and shoot in stride with ease. The flex of each blade is tailored to the shaft flex, making the blade more responsive regardless of a player's preferred flex.

Notable players using this stick: Rickard Rakell, Justin Faulk, Drew Doughty, PK Subban

#9. Warrior Alpha QX – 29 active NHL players

This is the newest stick on our list, and we don’t see it staying this low for long. The Alpha QX has quickly become a favorite for a number of NHL players. It’s Warrior’s strongest and lightest stick to date, and is poised to replace the Dynasty series. While it has yet to be released to the public, we do know that it features a low kick point intended to provide players with effortless loading and an accurate release. It will be interesting to see how far up our list the QX will climb next season.

Notable players using this stick: Brad Marchand, Johnny Gaudreau, Nicklas Backstrom, Mark Scheifele

#8. Bauer Vapor 1X – 35 active NHL players

The first Bauer stick on our list, the Vapor 1X is the stick of choice for a number of players seeking a quick release. The Vapor 1X is specifically designed for quick-motion shots. Its low kick point and crisp blade allow players to surprise goalies with quick snap shots, disguised wrist shots, or low, wind-up one-timers. The Vapor 1X offers a stiff blade to allow a player to get his shots off the blade and toward the net as quickly as possible.

Notable players using this stick: Patrick Kane, Patrik Laine, Aaron Ekblad, Dougie Hamilton

#7. Warrior Covert QRL – 45 active NHL players

Replacing the popular Covert QR1 early in 2016, the QRL was quickly adopted by players throughout the NHL. The tapered hosel creates a low kick point, while the high strength and lightweight nature of its flat carbon composite weave design in the blade makes for an explosive release.

Notable players using this stick: Ryan Getzlaf, Mikael Granlund, Erik Karlsson, Wayne Simmonds

#6. Easton Stealth CX – 47 active NHL players

Among players still using Easton sticks, the Stealth CX is by far the majority favorite. It’s true one-piece design is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it also provides a consistent level of strength throughout the taper of the stick so that no portion is stronger than another. The extremely low kick point allows players to release the puck quicker, with more power and less effort.

Notable players using this stick: Jason Spezza, Jarome Iginla, James Neal, Mats Zuccarello

#5. Warrior Dynasty HD1 – 49 active NHL players

The Dynasty HD1 is the highest-ranking Warrior stick on our list. It’s mid-kick profile combined with a lightweight, yet highly durable blade, helps to give the HD1 extra pop on each shot. Whether you’re taking a clapper, snapper or a quick wrister, the HD1’s versatility provides power and accuracy for each and every shot type.

Notable players using this stick: Torey Krug, Henrik Zetterberg, Thomas Vanek, Tyler Johnson

#4. CCM Super Tacks (2.0) – 50 active NHL players

The biggest draw to the Super Tacks is the dual flex profile. Similar to the Warrior Dynasty HD1 in terms of versatility, the Super Tacks features two distinct flex zones to help maximize performance on both quick wrist/snap shots and powerful slap shots. Its ability to be used in wide variety of situations makes it a popular choice among NHL players.

Notable players using this stick: Marian Hossa, Roman Josi, Evgeni Malkin, Jonathan Drouin

#3. Bauer Supreme 1S – 59 active NHL players

Bauer’s Supreme line is typically known for full-motion shots. Whereas the Vapor line is built for quickness, the Supreme line brings the power. The higher kick point allows for an increased amount of energy to be transferred during a shot. With a direct focus on improving shot speed, power and accuracy, the Supreme 1S is the stick of choice for a number of NHL players deemed to have a “heavy shot.”

Notable players using this stick: Alex Ovechkin, Jack Eichel, Duncan Keith, Eric Staal

#2. CCM Ribcor Trigger – 60 active NHL players

The CCM Trigger barely edges out the Supreme 1S to take the #2 spot on our list. As the name suggests, the Trigger is designed for quick-release shots. With minimal loading needed, players are able to take quick wrist/snap shots in tight spaces to surprise defense and goalies alike. The blade on the Trigger was also redesigned to be lighter (while maintaining it’s stiffness in the toe) to provide players with a better feel for the puck. If you like to take quick shots or thread the needle with a veiled pass, the Trigger is an excellent option.

Notable players using this stick: Nathan MacKinnon, Sidney Crosby, Joe Thornton, Zach Parise

#1. Bauer Nexus 1N – 90 active NHL players

Far and above the most popular stick in the NHL today, the Nexus 1N takes the top spot on our list. It’s mid-kick point, responsive blade and large sweet spot allows players to shoot with power and accuracy in almost any situation. It’s the perfect middle ground between the high-powered Supreme line and the quick release of the Vapor line.

Notable players using this stick: Jonathan Toews, Tyler Seguin, Aleksander Barkov, Auston Matthews

You can purchase these sticks and more by visiting the hockey sticks section on our website!

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