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Similarities and Differences: Warrior DT1s

Posted by Nate Puskaric on

The Warrior DT1 sticks are a strong addition to any high-end stick arsenal. As many of you already know, the Covert DT1s come in 2 different styles, the ST and the LT. These versions can easily be distinguished by their coloring. The shaft of the ST generally has more white than black, and the opposite is true for the LT. The differences, however, go beyond the appearance.

Before we get into the differences, though, let's lay out the things that make a DT1 a DT1. Each embodies Warrior’s Dagger T2 Taper. This improved version of the Dagger Taper includes uni-directional fibers that allow the hand area to remain stiff and the flex to occur lower in the shaft. It also allows for flex in the upper handle. The blade and shaft load and release simultaneously, creating that satisfying pop in a variety of shots. The thin end of the taper also increases visibility of the puck when on the blade.

The TwinSpar EXT technology connects the front and back faces of the blade to the taper by extending pieces through the interior of the blade and into the shaft. This helps increase durability and responsiveness.

The blades on each stick contain some pretty impressive technology. The Hardcore X blade increases the compression resistance by 60% and is built using an extremely durable material. The blade faces are covered in carbon-plated glass fibers, which adds significant strength and stability. The fibers wrap around the bottom of the blade to ensure the blade is protected on all sides. The materials used create a blade that is very light, helping to keep proper stick balance.

Both twigs include Warrior’s Diamond X Grip. Through a sandblasting process, the texture is actually embedded into the shaft. This allows the texture to maintain its quality much longer than sticks that have grip textures applied using the paint or wrapping.

Now for the differences.

The LT is a True 1 stick. This means it is built from a complete single mold of shaft and blade. Since there are no connection joints, the low kick point, flex, and balance can be very precise.

The ST is a HiFused stick. This advanced 2-piece stick significantly decreases the twisting that occurs on hard shots. This is an important feature for more powerful players.

Any player can effectively use both sticks, but the ST tends to require a bit more strength. When compared, some notice the LT having a slightly softer feel, and the ST is somewhat more forgiving with passes.

Personal preference is always important when deciding your stick of choice, but both of these sticks will perform when put to use.

If you’ve had the chance to try either of these sticks, let us know what you thought about them!

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