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Joe Bowser: A Patriot, a Father, a Hockey Player

This is a story of strength, inspiration, and the love of the game. This is the story of Joe Bowser.Joe fell in love with the sport of hockey around age nine. In school he would sit, anxiously waiting to head home and get out on the ice. One of his most memorable Christmas presents [...]

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​Hockey Vs. Cancer

There are only a few things that can spread fear, hope, inspiration, strength, sadness, and unity. Surprisingly, cancer is one of those things. The number of lives that are touched in some way by this disease is massive. As unfortunate as the situation can be, the reach cancer has in the world allows people to stand together and help [...]

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The Anatomy of a Pro Stock Stick

Click to download printable poster (11 x 17)PUT THIS GRAPHIC ON YOUR WEBSITE Simply copy the code below, and paste it into the HTML of your web page. <p style="text-align: center;"> <a href="" title="The Anatomy of a Pro Stock Hockey Stick"><img src="" width="500"></a> </p>

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Similarities and Differences: Warrior DT1s

The Warrior DT1 sticks are a strong addition to any high-end stick arsenal. As many of you already know, the Covert DT1s come in 2 different styles, the ST and the LT. These versions can easily be distinguished by their coloring. The shaft of the ST generally has more white than black, and the opposite is true for the [...]

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Zetterberg Honors Fallen Friends

On the 7th day of September 2011, the hockey community was shaken by a terrible tragedy. Lokomotiv Yaroslavl, a KHL team that finds its home in the city of Yaroslavl, Russia, was on its way to kick off the franchise’s 52nd season in Minsk, Belarus. Upon takeoff, the plane that was carrying 45 passengers – eight crew members, 26 [...]

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Protecting Legs from Hockey Blades

Hockey is an extremely physical sport. Unfortunately, due to the level of physicality, injuries are far from uncommon. Aside from the injuries caused by things like high impact collisions, pucks, and general physical exertion, some of the most gruesome injuries are caused when a blade connects with a lower leg.The lower leg houses many vital components. The calf contains 2 [...]

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Paying Our Dues: Support the Troops

Dedication. Being a team player. Paying your dues.These are all lessons that hockey players are very familiar with. The things that coaches instill in us since day one. The things that are naturally taught by being a part of a team. These lessons are not meant to only apply on the ice, these are lessons that can touch [...]

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Marian Hossa Is the Ultimate pro Stock Hockey Stick Guy!

Every stick must be perfect to his spec or he rejects it. As part of his pregame routine, he puts a ton of time into prepping several new sticks for each game. Each of his game sticks vary slightly in height ( + / - 1/8” off his standard already very long 64” [...]

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